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Pottery Pets

 Hello again!  I thought I would take a break from the unpacking to show you some of the pottery that is common here in the Texas Tropics.  Everytime I have been by the border I've been smitten with these goods and have to resist buying a truckload...oh yeah and now that I live in a one bedroom apartment, I am definitely being SUPER selective in what I acquire.  My fave piece was this turquoise fish, rustic, beachy and TURQUOISE!
 There's a little something for everyone's taste and I couldn't help but feel like I was at the pet store with all the variety of creatures. 
I've been in Texas for about 3 weeks and so far so good.  The movers finally arrived with our stuff last friday and it has been a little busy over here.  Thanks for sticking by me as I settle in here.
What do you like to bring back when you go south of the border or just south?


michelle said...

The are beautiful! I love the turquoise fish. :)

Ms. Givens said...

Oh I love the bunny! I have mostly owl and turtles in my flower beds.
I plan to make some visual changes to my blog. Hope you still recognize it. LOL
Glad you like TX.

Beach Coast Style said...

as much stuff as I can carry! I love all of the pottery! Hope you are getting along well Laura!

plaits and paisley said...

The fish is cute! Hope Norman and Newman are settling in well x

O D Y S S E Y said...

how whimsical and cute these are! nice finds.
glad you are getting settled. it takes a while to make peace with texas, as a blog friend reminded me. but you know what? it can be one very "big" and fun adventure. :)

Beach House Living said...

The fish are so fun!

Nicolle said...

Following your blog now. :)

Can't wait to see more pictures of your Texas adventure. Love your photos!

We always brought back pottery like this when we went to Nuevo Laredo, Talavera pottery, kitchen dishes, Mexican vanilla for cooking, etc. Shopping down there is so much fun.

Love of the Sea said...

I love the fish! So cute. That would look great in my yard! Thanks for sharing.

Jinnifer richard said...

i love sea fish .so cute and lovely

Takie said...

That is the most wonderful picture. I love sea fish also thanks for sharing.
Too cute !!!
Take care.

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