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Isle Style : Mini Military

Aerie Surplus Vest
It's no secret that I adore the military look and all things olive green, so naturally I was attracted to this sweet vest paired with a girly dress and rugged boots.  I like the concept behind this look.  I'm not truly in love with the dress, but the idea of mixing soft and edgy, feminine and masculine pieces together in order to avoid looking too cutesy is a necessary reminder.
So as you can see vests are on my list, what's on yours?


Beach Coast Style said...

a military style vest is on my list to I missed the one at Anthropologie it was just too expensive I am on the hunt for another..will keep my eye out for you to.

Karena said...


I love layering, and going from 100 degrees to indoor air-conditioning it is a must. I adore your idea!

Art by Karena

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Ms. Givens said...

Love this! But my mom keeps saying I shouldnt wear this green color. :(

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

love it...especially with the white sundress. i would have never thought of that pairing! xox, mickey

Bella-Fleur said...

first off I would like to say THANK you for the really nice compliment on my buckles. I am just getting my feet wet and am still tweaking them like anything you create you find that over time you find what works and what doesn't. I have lots of ideas for these and can't wait to get them accomplished and listed in my shop. I just opened my shop so i have a lot to learn. I also have a passion for photography and I see you are into photography as well.If you are interested you can take a peek at my etsy shop. I think you have a beautiful blog and I have to tell you I found you through simpledaisy we live in the same town and have been friends for a long time:-) I look forward to following your blog.
Happy beachy blogging!