Carousel Fine Candies in Monterey, CA
 It's here! The Holiday weekend!  In case you are having a staycation or need a little inspiration, I want to share a little trip B and I made to the candy store on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.  It was a spur of the moment little outing but just walking around and taking in the sights of all these goodies brought out our inner child.
 I don't really even like candy too much, but checking out the process and seeing the pretty displays of these gorgeous candies, just lit me up. 
As you can see, everyone in this store was full of joy.  I felt like I was at the carnival from Charlotte's Web (one of my all time favorite books!)  Sometimes when I overeat, I can relate to Templeton after the county fair with his fat belly!
 CANDY : dulces en español
 I encourage you to go in that store or place you've always wondered and check it out.  We had such a nice time just looking at al the varieties and the nostalgia that a place like this brings out it most people.  Candy stores, like this are so nice and old fashioned.
B's shirt is from Dark Cycle Clothing on etsy
And look at this kid I found in the candy store!
Wishing you a fantastic and safe long weekend!