I have recently been converted to loving tomato soup thanks to B's spicy additions.  The truth is anything that I can add a dolop of sour cream to is A-OK in my book .  And it just goes to show you how one bad meal in your past should not determine your food destiny forever.   B added diced serrano pepper, carmelized  red and green bell peppers to the most expensive can of tomato soup he could find at Safeway( no joke)!   B does not know this but ever since we met I have also pardoned black olives and they are back in the sealaura diet.
But I digress... don't you just want a BIG bite  of this pastrami sandwich?  I definitely want to relive this experience.  A little pastrami,  cheese, lettuce, tomato and french bread.  I saw B grill the meat and queso for a bit before he placed it on this perfectly soft and seasoned french bread ( a little mayo and mustard = yum!)
Ok, so the chips might not be so healthy but a few never killed anyone.  These were Kettle salt and vinegar chips.  According to their website "unconventionally STRONG & tangy."
  I just love eating outside whenever I get a chance but I have to admit it was a bit too windy on this day so in we went, but quickly warmed up with our soup.    Don't forget to visit simpledaisy, she is the creator of Fresh Fridays and a great beachy friend.
What's your favorite soup?