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Yellow and Grey = bags

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In case you are a new reader I have a strong addiction to the color  grey and especially love it in contrast with  yellow  as seen here and here .  So while taking a little afternoon peruse on etsy I was drawn to these two lovelies.  Oh and of course you know I love bags, who doesn't?  Quick post today dears, my internet has been giving me attitude. I am hoping to get back on a regular schedule pronto! Oh and I really enjoyed reading your beach car dreams, thanks for playing along.  :) I have another little question :
What book do you currently have in your beach bag?


Ms. Givens said...

"Cabin for Sale, Must be Moved"

simpledaisy said...

Love the bags! Let's see in my beach bag....magazines, snacks and wine!!!!

Cheryl said...

Oooooooh! I NEED that yellow striped bag!!

becky said...

I never read at the beach...I just sit there and stare at the horizon, watch the people, and hope to catch an interesting beachsnap :)

Love yellow with grey...the perfect, fresh combo

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

i love that happy yellow striped bag. makes me smile. the book in my bag right now is "chocolat" i love it and the movie! xoxo

me said...

I think I covet that grey bag, and I'm not a bag person. I have Nine Gates by Jane Linsdskold with me right now. But I know my son would rather play in the waves. My book may be stuck in the bag all summer. Your comments are too kind. Wishing you perfect beach hair this weekend.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sand...lots of sand. sigh.

S said...

Had to comment though it's late after the original post. This month issue of InStyle (May 2011) features a yellow, Marigold, and the two-page article shows variations of marigold with complimentary colors. I noticed that they didn't include a shade of grey as an option, however, a model is seen wearing a grey-ish top with a marigold skirt. I think grey and yellow are meant for each other. It sort of represents a blend of melancholy and sunny optimism all wrapped up together.