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Sea Otter Classic

 Today I have the pleasure of handing the reigns of sealaura to B for a special guest post on the Sea Otter Classic that was held here in Seaside this past weekend.  In case you missed this post, (it's important, so click it!!)  B is my fiancé, he is also an avid cyclist, chemist, world traveler, former Navy EOD diver and VP of sealaura industries. 
 I could not believe that only seven miles from our cottage in Seaside this incredible 4 day event was taking place.  I am beyond thrilled to live in Monterey County  because this area is über friendly to cyclists, and an event like this one is just icing on the cake.  This first action shot hopefully gives you  a flavor for the type of activities and high energy that went on at this event.  On a side note, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I am a chemist by profession so although I am amped to share this experience with you I hope the pictures do a better job.  Oh,  and I just cooked spaghetti and just shifted to writing a blog post  (it's true, you all now sealaura can't cook!) so I am a bit tired but I am going to try to inspire you!!
 The Sea Otter Classic is a bicycling and outdoor life sports festival and trade show held on the famous Laguna Seca Raceway grounds.  It is the first event of the year at the raceway and is also kicks off both the road bike and mountain bike seasons.  Since this is the first bicycling event of the year, I was able to to get sneak peaks to bikes before they even hit the stores.  You could say that this is the equivalent to NY Fashion week but for bikes!!
 Since Laura is a Spanish language ambassador by day it is important to note that Laguna Seca means "dry lake" en español. The area where the track is was originally a lake, and the course was built around the lake.  Seca of course means "dry," so you guessed it, the lake has since dried up but there is an artificial pond in its place.  Thank you for letting me share this sporty aspect to coastal living and I look forward to contributing more posts in the future. 


Shellbelle said...

Congratulations to you and Laura (both for the engagement and the move) AND it's nice to hear from you.

Being a former Californian, I know that they do things in a BIG way there, and this event looks like it was a blast!

I just went back and looked at the engagement post. I see you proposed at Point Dume, land of my youth, in fact, I posted about it last month with some great aerial shots I found. Gorgeous coast!

style odyssey said...

well done, B! the name of this festival is enough to get my attention.
i do hope you post again. i enjoyed this one!

anita said...

first of all, you guys are making me entirely nostalgic..i sat on those very hills with my dad watching the laguna seca races.
secondly, i'm wondering if my awesome nephew Micheal Cottle was riding..he has lots of big sponsers and has done commercials and is in all the bmx mags. b, i loved this blog-report:)

anita said...

b- heres a link to nephews info.


hamerk02 said...

AWWW. My cousin raced up there! He placed 4th in Juniors 17-18. Maybe you saw him. Thanks for having my dear husband as a guest last week. Miss you guys already!

Desire Empire said...

Great shots that really capture the moment. I like the one where the photographer is looking up to the airbourne biker.

I'm going to show this post to Mr Beach House.Bet you are loving your move to seaside
Best Carolyn

Ms. Givens said...

This would be fun. The closest to outdoor sports I get is watching the president of the company I work for race on Fridays at Outlaw Motor Speedway.
So cool that you dive. I have tried to learn twice. Once I got hypothermia and the next time the cruise line wouldnt let me go thru with it because I had a hernia operation when I was 7. I think they just didnt want to teach me.
Hi to Laura. Hugs too!

Sarah B. said...

Wow, that is awesome! Great pictures!

classic • casual • home said...

Those photos are awesome!