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Isle Style : Gold & Black

I am starting a new feature here at sealaura called "Isle Style." This series will feature fashion looks and fashion finds for all of us that love dressing with the coastal lifestyle in mind.  
This is one of my favorite beachy looks.  Although I am not sure I could rock those harem pants, I really like the comfortable yet put together vibe.  There is something elegant about pairing black and gold that makes me feel like a Tahitian Babe!  Ok maybe that is a bit of a stretch but I do feel my inner beach goddess come forth when I pair these two colors.  Layering gold necklaces with jewelry finds from different beach trips is right up my alley.   
I am a big fan of gold and black
¿y tú?  
How do you bring out your inner beach goddess?


Ms. Givens said...

I love the polished gold look. I am supposedly supposed to wear all silver but I dont. I like it all.
Still snowed in today. If I was loaded I,d just shop online all day.;)

simpledaisy said...

Yeah for that!! I am always in need of some fasion ideas:):):) I am loving the gold...I keep thinking I am going to offer some gold choices one of these days:):):):) I love...love...love gold and aqua blue together!! So pretty!!

becky said...

Fun idea, this isle style thing.
My inner beach babe comes out only while sitting in a beach chair and I can drift out to sea...there's nothing stylish about me...I'm just a classic...Columbia sports shirts over tank tops, capris, sandals and flip-flops...non-fashionista

Karen said...

oooh, it usually requires a marquerita or two to bring out my inner beach goddess.

This look is terrific casual, comfortable and still chic.

J Moss said...

GREAT name for a style feature! I have been trying to think of one for my own blog and haven't had much luck. Very clever, go you!

Style Odyssey said...

black and gold- yes to that. i shied away from it after the 80s for a long while...it reminded me of all the things i didn't like about that era. but i'm back to appreciating the combo.
your isle style feature is going to be great.
if only i'd been able to find clothes like these in the BVI...!

Desert Dreaming said...

Love your idea of Isle Style...so looking forward to your posts..very exciting. Oh and the gold...too fabulous!!!


Seaside Style said...

Great idea Laura. Tequila is usually in order to bring out any godess in me. :-)

Cindy Whitehead said...

love your new fashion addition - perfect! This look is rad - wish I also had her hair.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Awesome outfit - love it!!