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Lessons from a ship's wheel...

The Ship's wheel is the tool  that is used to cause the vessel to change its course.  Isn't it so interesting how much we can learn from the sea?  If we want to change the course of our own lives, it may seem super daunting and frightening but I am learning that we all have one of these wheels inside of us.

 Ships Wheel = in english
Rueda de Timón = en español
La Barre = en français

Where is your Ship's wheel taking you this weekend?


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Very nice! Endless inspiration from the sea and everything sea related!!

Drawn to The Sea said...

If it warms above freezing, my wheel will turn me toward the ocean. If still cold, toward the fireplace :-)

Ms. Givens said...

Hi Friend,

I am learning that if you want results you gotta turn that wheel yourself. :)
Hope you are well. Have a good weekend!
My boss took me to CVS after work so I could get some things before more snow hits. I got dog bones for the canines bad breath. LOL

anita said...

we are celebrating ians 6th bday!

most people just dont get how much of life is about embracing change.
i'm always restless for something new and different! we might be headed for a work trip for 10 wks, which will have us 26 miles from nyc!!!! yeah, fun!!!!

Style Odyssey said...

never have i ever been more aware of this than when i've been at sea. yes, the sea is a great teacher. :)

the colors in your photo are soft and luminous; they mimic the colors of our beaches here.

my "ship's wheel" the weekend has taken me to work, and tomorrow i may take the canine to the beach! supposed to be glorious weather for a change.

have a lovely weekend! xo

becky said...

I'll be rolling out to walk my 3 miles around the park that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Every other day.

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

love the picture. i want a wheel for our apartment. i think i want to hang it on our front door :)

my wheel is taking me to our superbowl party tomorrow! woo hoo :)

simpledaisy said...

Very lovely!!
My wheel took me to working on simple Daisy:)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday funday!!!

Love of the Sea said...

Love the photo you selected. My Wheel took me to spend time with great friends this weekend. I had a wonderful time!

Seaside Style said...

To the beach as you know..but need to rechart my course and turn the ships wheel in a different direction Looking for guidance..