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Paso a Paso @ the Pasadena Flea Market

 The first Sunday of ever month is the Pasadena Flea MarketCan you believe this past Sunday was my first time there?  What kind of Angeleno am I?  Anyway, it was so much fun and kind of like walking through an ENORMOUS museum. 
 I can't think of something they did not have and I was soooo happily surprised by the reasonable prices of most of the vendors.    Good thing I live in a small apartment because there were so many lovely things that would have gone beautifully in our villa.  At one point we were looking at a beautiful tiki bar.  The uniqueness of many items just suck you in and you can't help but "need it!"  :)
 Aren't these beachy finds adorable?  One of my faves was this turquoise Waterford Crystal sailboat. 
 I wanted to dive in to the many sea of shoes that were for sale.  But I was so overwhelmed to dig for a pair.  Probably a good thing...
It was a visual overload with all the goods, and especially with all the pretty colors. Next month, you can count that B and I will be back, we just couldn't gt enough.  In case you make your way to SoCal, next month's market will be on the 9th instead of the usual first sunday.   
Where do you all like to go when you thrift?


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I wish we had such great flea markets near by!!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Goodwill, except this coming Saturday I am going to the flea market at the Fairgrounds. I have some friends who live in Mexico and when they come home to visit they bring lots of silver jewelry to sell so I am going to go visit them.

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

i really really think i need to make it there in january. i've never been, but i have ALWAYS wanted to go.

i just don't know how you decide how much money to bring?!?!? :)

Love of the Sea said...

Wow - looks like great stuff!!!

Sarah B. said...

wow, I love all that stuff!

Joyce said...

I would have fun shopping here with you! I even saw some bottles I like. smile.... xo

Sam said...

This market reminds me of that huge one in London : Camden Markets where you can find absolutely anything your heart desires! I love that there is such a distinctive West Coast flavour to this market though: all those sea corals, shells etc! I think I'd have a ball there! P.S. Yes! Very much looking forward to a break too!

Everything Coastal said...

I wanna go! Hoping to hit the Fremont Flea Market when I am home in Seattle in a few weeks, but will probably miss the Alameda Flea Market until February....

Looks like a great time, wish Pasadena were just a little closer.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Your market looks like so much fun - we don't have anything like that up in the middle of nowhere! We do love to hop in the pickup and drive around finding garage sales during summer - have found some wonderful little items.

Happy Holidays, Laura!