¿Vamos a Beverly Hills?  ¿Por qué no? /Why not ?  Right!
The Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel is a small, sweet, unassuming yet fabulous and glamorous hotel.  I've had the pleasure of staying at this lovely establishment before, once in the summer and just this past weekend. 
Don't you just want to get your favorite book or magazines and enjoy the good life while nestled in these lounge chairs?  I have put these chairs on my sealaura wishlist.  Even if I continue to live in my little villa, I think these would be great in the patio.  Norman and Newman would love them too!
 I am in love with the ironwork and the simple yet elegant design of this hotel.  When you hear the words Beverly Hills, it can sound intimidating and overly lux. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some lux, but I am a profesora and I can't go too crazy on the lux (no tengo mucho $$).  This hotel is just perfect for B and I.  We felt very welcome, the staff was super nice and never did we feel like country mice, or fish out of water.  Inside the hotel there is a also a sweet tiny bar with the friendliest bartenders.
Remember when B and I went to the LA Times Travel Show?  Well, it was there when we were offered a great deal for a few nights in this hotel.  At the time we felt kind of silly paying for rooms in BH especially when we live about 1 hour from here.  Also because we didn't know anything about the hotel and it seemed a bit risky.  But, it turned out to be a really good adventure.  We brought B's mom here this past summer, and this past weekend his papá was able to have a little taste of LA before heading back home to Oklahoma.   It's all about the deals for us, and sometimes we are just super lucky with the bargains.  If you ever want to spend a few nights in BH I highly recommend this hotel.  And the beach is just a few miles away!
Do you have a favorite hotel or place to stay when you vacation?