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They said it on the air...on the radio

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I volunteer at my local NPR station which is also the home of our local PBS Station KVCR.  My main duties are researching arts and entertainment events for my boss/mentor David Fleming.  David has taught me how to take PSAs (Public Service Announcements) and Press Releases and condense them to small sound bites for our calendar.  I research events that I would like to attend such as art openings, foreign films, concerts and I also pack in some fun family oriented events like apple picking at the local orchards and botanical tours.  It has been such a thrill to hear my events or rather the events I have selected and even some of my wording of such events ....on the radio!  Can you hear the  Donna Summer!  If you don't get that reference, you are missing out on a great oldie!
As if the radio was not enough, I recently got my TV break...kind of.  I was asked to help out with the teleprompter while they recorded some promos during the pledge drive.  I was sooo excited and sooo nervous.  It's not like it was rocket science but it was not something I knew how to do,  so I was worried I might screw up.  Nevertheless, the more I get to learn here, the better.  This experience has been phenomenal because even though I do have a great education and blah blah blah,  I still have so much to learn, about media, life...you name it!

Earlier in the fall, I told you that I am in a bit of a professional transition.  Transition to what?  Yo no sé exactamente... I don't know exactly... but I am hoping my next gig will be something that involves languages and media and a lot of creativity.  I love teaching español but here in Cali, teaching jobs are becoming extinct (topic for another post on another blog perhaps!) so I am spreading my creative wings.  Looking for a new opportunity can be daunting but it can also be exhilirating!
What about you? How many careers have you had? Have you found your niche?


David Fleming Arts said...

And a fanTAStic volunteer you've been! Not everyone could do what you do here - and it's appreciated. Also appreciated - your mentoring ME on David Fleming Arts!

And while I've been doing the NPR thing for 20ish years now, I moved to California with three different resumes on the ready.

Carmi said...

I stopped counting after four. And as someone in transition, too, I fully "get" where you're coming from.

Since I'm up to my ears in radio and TV work these days, please know I'd always be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or the business. Sounds like you have a wonderful mentor at NPR, which is an important resource to have.

Always such coolness from you!

anita said...

i'm smiling as i see (sense) it all coming together for you dear laura :)

you have put yourself in the midst of what you enjoy, and there you will find "it" :)

Beach House Living said...

That looks like great fun. How exciting for you! Sounds like you are enjoying every minute.

PS stop by enter my giveaway not a beachy item but it's pretty.

AllyRae said...

I've been in Television for a few years now and I can remember how exciting all those "firsts" were! Keep up the great work and the best advice I can give is to immerse yourself in every aspect of both radio and TV (since you're lucky enough to have both in the same place!).

Style Odyssey said...

This is such a great post. You are wise and adventurous, expanding your professional horizons as you are. More people should consider it, so they are more marketable and don't get stuck.

I have had numerous careers! Banking industry, retail & management, yacht chef/mate including private catering, arts education, of course I've been working as an artist for many years while doing most of these careers.

And I did get your Donna Summer reference! ;)

Sounds like you have a really cool gig with KVCR! You're one busy lady.


TV Streaming said...


I genuinely loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Thanks...

Everything Coastal said...

Love this article, and am so enjoying your journey to find the next "thing".

Keep reaching, keep exploring, keep asking questions.. you never know where it might lead you!


Brenda's Arizona said...

Awesome, Laura! Please share more tales of this talent/job! It is fun to read your posts and say "ahhhhhh"!

And where will this lead?
(my new volunteer niche - and I loved it - recording for the blind at our State Library!).