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La casa de Pedro...

Snapped this pic during one of my little escapes to the coast.  The yellow work hat reminded me of Fred Flintstone/Pedro Picapiedras en español and the opening scene where the whistle goes off to end his work day and he runs home.  Well, here we are again darlings and it is time to hang up the work hat.  I am off to Pasadena for dinner tonight and as far as the rest of weekend, who knows?/quién sabe?  but I am hoping to snap some pictures and just enjoy the days off.  Maybe watch a few cartoons, like the old days.
What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?


Ms. Givens said...

So glad its Friday. We should be off on Friday because nothing goes on here on Friday.
I am going to Kohls and Gypsy Coffee House with my mom & daughter tonite. Class in the morning and then hopefully a very long nap.
Have a nice dinner and weekend!

anita said...

actually loved the flintstones, pebbles and bam bam so cute!

have a good weekend laura. i am off to juno beach..new beach town to discover for a week. really looking forward to getting my feet in the sand and reading on the beach! and doing christmas shopping in the surf shops :)

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...Inspector Gadget was my favorite cartoon...but I loved so many!
The Smurfs
Scooby Doo
Tom and Jerry
anywho...I sure would love to have that blue piece of chippy wood in front of that house!! Oh the table that would make!!!
Love it:)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This is such a lovely photo! It's so inspirational for some reason! Hmmm....I think my favorite cartoon was Pokemon. I know. Lame. Haha

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Style Odyssey said...

i like this photo- subtle color (and then there's the bright yellow hat- nice pop of color)..and interesting textures.
favorite cartoon as a kid- pink panther. that's not saying much because i wasn't really into cartoons. i did watch the jetsons, too, though- that's a good one.
tell norm and newman that yes, doxy is going on the road trip! :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Loved the flinstones...and the jetsons...and scooby doo...

Love the image!

Pedro. Really? Who knew!

Sam said...

Hmmm...favourite cartoon was the "Yellow Submarine" movie with The Beatles. I must have watched it over 20 times I think! I was also quite partial to Saturday morning Superhero cartoons!

Hope you had a lovely mini-break over the weekend!

Margaret said...

WOW what an amazing shot :)
favourite cartoon? probably catdog :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx