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Bay of Bisbay for Today

Bay of Bisbay
 Can't you almost hear the waves crashing.  Today we are taking a little trip to San Sebastian, thanks to my friend Cheryl, who has been gracious enough to let me use her images.  Believe it or not I have never been to Spain, but as a profesora de español, it is one of my dreams to see this beauty in person.  Especially the Basque country, which is where San Sebastian is located.
 This is another shot of the Bay of Biscay or El Golfo de Vizcaya as we say en español.  Apparently due to the fact that the continental shelf extends far into the bay, the water is shallow and also makes this region prone to many storms and rough seas. 
Have you ever been to España or experienced rough seas?  
If you have been to España, do share your favorite spot. ¡Gracias!


Ms. Givens said...

Spain would be amazing!
I would like to visit more of South America, but I think London is at the top of my list right now.
Morocco and India also.
Give away today!

drollgirl said...

i love these shots!

like you, i would love to visit spain! i used to work with a guy from spain, and whenever he talked about it it made me want to GO. IMMEDIATELY. so fab.

Rose West said...

I've never been to Spain, but would love to go someday! I'm sure it's a gorgeous place!

Cloudia said...

I have been ill at sea and wanting to die, LOL

Aloha from Waikiki :)

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Style Odyssey said...

eye-catching photos!

no, haven't been to spain. yet. i hope you're able to go, since it's on your travel list.

as you would imagine, i have experienced some rough seas. i shudder to recall a yacht delivery in which mr odyssey and i ended up running from a hurricane down-island. talk about scary! otherwise, i've had some slightly choppy sailing trips i'd compare to a wet roller coaster ride.

anita said...

touring spain is on my list of life wishes..

and coastal spain, perfecto!

cherylr said...

I fell in love w/Spain at San Sebastian. And this was after Madrid and Barcelona. It's incredible. As an American tourist, I felt as if I were experiencing the climate of Seattle at the same time as the excitement of Spain. Not to mention extraordinary pinxtos and my introduction to the Basque culture.