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Holiday ideas from Beach House Living

 It's officially holiday season, a time to fluff your nest and get into the spirit of things.  Have you gotten started?
When I saw these spoons from Beach House Living (see sponsor ad) I was instantly smitten.  Described as "Perfect for the apartment dweller they take up so little space to store,"  this concept really spoke to me.  I have moved so many times and have been an apartment dweller for most of my life so when it comes to holiday decorations I am indeed a minimalist.  Remember my tiny tree?
Aren't these the perfect gift for a traveler, a student, a gypsy, a truck driver or for anyone to decorate and bring a little holiday cheer to a small space?  If you are traveling for the holidays, why not decorate your hotel room? :)
There are many more wonderful holiday designs over at Beach House Living, scoot on over and see what strikes your fancy.


Cat & Cricket said...

These are fantastic! I guess it's the gypsy blood in me..LOL!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I just love Rita's work - they are all so cute!!

Have a beachy day, Laura :O)

Style Odyssey said...

lovely ideas, those spoons! i can't relate to the holidays yet; having been abroad so long, we're not accustomed to it starting so early. another few weeks, and i'll be ready for it...
i adore your posts- always a good question at the end, and such pretty photos! xo

Sarah B. said...

Wow, i love those! Thanks for posting :)

Beach House Living said...

Thank you Laura,
I came up with apartment dweller as my first apt on my own was little studio and all I use to do was hang a little wreath in the window.