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November in SoCal

Although it's November and I am dying to wear my scarves and try and master the art of layering, mother nature has another plan here in SoCal. 
Hace calor aquí!/It is hot here!

Fall influences have to be small like my military mani.  I love olive green and picked up this fab nail color from one of the vendors at Market Night here in town for $1.  A staple in my jewelry regime are cuffs.   
I love cuffs! silver, leather, whatever!  
Me gustan mucho!/  I like them a lot!

A girl can never have too many jeans, but these are my jeans of the moment.  They are JCrew Matchstick and they are very comfy.  Rolled up a bit, since apparently it is still summer here (and oh yeah I am short!)  The clogs are Uggs and although the name might make you think ugg-ly, I must defend this company a bit because apart from the winter boots that many Californians wear year-round, Uggs do make many other type of shoes that are stylish and comfortable.  remember these?

Thanks to Cindy from Sports Stylist, I am obsessed with slouchy tees.  I like soft, tissue tees and picked this inexpensive one at H&M.  Since the outfit is so informal, I had to pile on some jewels to make it a little more glam, ha!
Reporting from the land where the sun is always shining, this is sealaura wishing you a sunny Monday!


Beach House Living said...

Okay, It's chilly and gray here and I'm now wishing it were summer again.
Nice jeans by the way.

Ms. Givens said...

I love soft tees. I never think to put bling with mine. I will now!
Have a great week!

Loui♥ said...

Delightful weekend..
more of the same today..
tomorrow the nasty stuff should arrive..
so I'll kick back and enjoy each as it comes!!
warm sandy hugs..

Smitten in the Mitten said...

I love the olive green nail polish. I can't seem to find that color over here.

Also, enjoy the sunshine - the weatherman here is calling for snow in the mitten this week - he's on my list...

Erin said...

That last picture is so cool!!

Sarah B. said...

I love your pictures :) It rained alot here in the central valley and I was able to wear a scarf!!! Hope it cools down for you soon :)

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Have a wonderful week, Laura.

Love of the Sea said...

Love your Ugg clogs. Yes..they do make more than the boots - I have an Ugg coat.

simpledaisy said...

Gosh darn it....you are just so cute!!
I love your style...simple and understated...perfect!
I love those shoes...but so far i've loved every pair you've shown us!!!!!
Hopefully you'll be able to practice layering soon!
And in typical Indiana fashion...it went from snowing on Saturday morning...to 70 degrees today! CRAZY!!!!!

Cloudia said...

Save these pictures.

when you are 50
you will joy in how beautiful you ARE!!!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

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Sam said...

Oh you look so cool there! Love your sparkly necklace best and I also love the small Spanish lesson you gave us too!

Everything Coastal said...

Beautiful here too. Am totally digging it, although it was a little rainy yesterday....

Glad you liked the blog!


anita said...

love every element of your outfit...wish i could fit into those t's! big fan of uggs, and dark nail polish and big jewlery with simple white t's and jeans.
all my favorites!

and all on beautiful YOU :)

Cheryl said...

I love your style Miss Laura :) We have had some cooler weather here in Tampa, which I love, but I am realizing I need to up my winter wardrobe. I don't think I will make it through with my little summer cardigans!

Jeannie Greenwald said...

I live in Florida and just bought those same Uggs! Perfect shoes for winter time. With or without socks!

I love our weather and lifestyle too as I live at the beach. However there is more natural beauty in California, I do admit. I'm just thankful that I do live in a coastal town, where I can walk to the most beautiful beach on the east coast in a residential neighborhood and the winters here are just delicious.

Love your blog! Just found it today.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Thanks for the shout out - not sure how I missed this post! You and I do have similar style - beach casual with a dash of cool (-:

lin said...

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Beach Coast Style said...

Laura, I swear you and I are so the same! I just love this post and it's so me. I would dress this same way here in Texas when we get our little transitional season. I am such a clog person. You look so cute!