One of the things I love about living in California is all of the different kind of people that make up this great state.  I took the pic above in Cayucos which is on the central coast of California.  Haven't we all been through a hippie phase?  I think I go in and out of it.  The summer seems to bring it out in full swing.
This poster was in Silverlake which is hipster central.  It made me chuckle.  I would like to think I am un poquito/a little hip, and if I ever do feel like a hipster it is definitely in the winter.  Maybe it's because I tend to wear darker colors and more put together outfits.  I am using "put together" loosely here!  You have seen my outfit posts, after all and I am definitely a casual cali chica.
So are you a hippie or a hipster? What would you call your style?

PS:  Muchísimas gracias for all your comments about my outfit post on Monday.  I was very touched that you all liked it so much and gracias again for your sweet compliments.