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Grey & Olive

 ¡Hola!  After yesterday's post, I thought I would show you what I actually wore to work.  If you are a new reader I teach Spanish at a University so I try to look the part of a "profesora de español" but I pretty much can get away with a lot, especially here in SoCal where people tend to dress more casual.
JCrew matchstick cords, top: forever 21similar , shoes: Blowfish Willa in Grey Strike
After a brief bit of fall, our temperatures went up a bit again so layers are key. The mornings are cool so a light cardi is a must, but by 10:30 am...layers off!

 My lovely student assistant Angelina took these shots, all in the name of fashion!  It got us out of the office for a bit...we were finalizing this Friday's midterm so it was a needed break.
silpada necklaces
And here are the little bits and pieces that just give every outfit a little more life. So there you have it, more grey love mixed with a little Cali sun.


va said...

I like the accessories photo of the cute shoes and jewelry . And your hairstyle is very nice as well . I just learned beginning Spanish but love the language :)

Gracias !

Ms. Givens said...

Oh, I love those shoes! I can get away with anything at my work except jeans with holes, shorts and camo.
Looks like it has been pretty weather there. We have a freeze warning for tonight. :(

Tami said...

LOVE that top!!!!

Cloudia said...

you look nice!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral


simpledaisy said...

Love it all!!!
I especially love the jewelry:)
I wish we were still able to wear tank tops....but i'm afraid that season is over:(