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¿Que tal?

 ¿Qué tal?  Yo estoy super bien y feliz porque es viernes!!!  Even with little to no español, I bet you know what I just said!  Don't know if I ever posted this photo, but I took it on Robertson Avenue in LA.  It was a nice little surprise in the middle of LA I felt like I stepped onto an old little town.  And I just fell in love with the colors and the oldish weathered look.
I am headed to Orange County today and I hope I can squeeze a little beach time in.  Maybe Laguna or Newport.  I will let you know on Monday.  Oh and there is still time left to enter my Nicholas Landon Giveway.

¡Qué se diviertan este fin de semana ! y ¡ Feliz dia de las Brujas !
Have fun this weekend and Happy Halloween!


Ms. Givens said...

Have a fabulous beach weekend!
It got cold here.
Listing you as an inspiring blogger today!

Marlowe said...

Hase freo en Kansas pero yo so muy bien. Spelling is not so good, I can speak it better than I can spell it :)

Tami said...


Beach House Living said...

Have fun. A bit chilly here for the beach today.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Hope your weekend at the beach was wonderful - blue skies here yesterday. Happy Halloween!!!

vicki said...

Hi SeaLaura -
Was blog surfing this morning and I just found you! I am in love here~~~

Your blog is a wonderful combination of so many things that speak to me - our love of the sea and the coastal elements make us connected. Your photos are stunning - and fun!

Thanks for all you do to make this a really special place to visit.


Sam said...

That is a charmingly picturesque door and set of flower pots! Hope you had a super weekend - looks like gorgeous weather!