¡Buenos dias!  Often when I try and decide what to wear I open my closet and stare.  And very seldom does an outfit come together.  I usually start feeling that I "need" more clothes and how...wait for it "I have nothing to wear!! waaaa!"  When I think of clothes in terms of colors instead of individual pieces, I have better luck.
Last week as I was coming down the mountain from Big Bear, I felt like I was in my own personal fashion IMAX. The variety of colors were so inspiring and soothing.  I love all the camels, taupes, greens, greyish white and of course a little blue.  Believe it or not this picture is a good representation of my wardrobe.  I must have been in the military in a former life because I just love neutrals.   During the summer, these neutrals definitely feel a little beachier, but I really try to enjoy the fall, so my watery blues tend to be a bit darker.
Not quite an outfit post here, but just a few thoughts on a different approach to dressing.  Enjoy the fall and all its beauty before it goes by too quick!!

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