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Shortomatic: These shorts won't fall short!

Are you bored?  Not with these board shorts, you won't be! The pair above is my absolute latest love from the creative people of Shortomatic.  I thought Shortomatic was  über cool for their ability to turn your photographs into shorts, remember?  But now these late summer designs are just what a girl needs to enjoy every last drop of summer.

I wish I had these babies when I was strolling the streets of Cambria this summer.  I love the orchid, design, it is a little preppy but definitely feminine and beachy.
This pair is more for the beachy girl that is a rockstar at night, but aren't we all??!   Now, before you start thinking these looks are too young for 'ya remember these are "looks". I bet you could style these shorts to fit your beachy vibe.

Lastly, in case you have been on the nautical train with stripes this summer, the tartan and breton are a fun twist on that look.  I personally wouldn't mind a pair of the breton and I don't usually wear red but... with those sweet blue stripes I am willing to try!

Which pair of shorts are your fave?


Ms. Givens said...

I like the striped ones. But my legs dont look good enough for shorts anymore.
Posting an all gray outfit pic today!

drollgirl said...

these shorts are SO CUTE! i like them all! i just wish i would look this good in them!

Beach House Living said...

You really like that place. As for the nautical stripes this summer. Nope it's every summer lots of white pants, navy and white tops and navy blazers here.

Indie.Tea said...

They're all cute, but I think I like the sweet blue striped one :)

Mary-Laure said...

I like the stripes best of course!

Cloudia said...


Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Fickle Cattle said...

The first one is really cool, especially with the shoes.


Smitten in the Mitten said...

Cute shorts! I like the black and white herringbone shorts the best, love the shoes too. I'm not sure I could pull off the Stones tshirt with them though. It takes a special personality to pull that ensemble off!

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Oh, the stripes. But too short for my taste.

Cindy Whitehead said...

I like the stripes but i also lovetheNo9 tee - can we talk about that please! (-:

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

My mind says YES...But my Butt says step away from the shorts, maam!