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Eberle Winery : A mini tour

Eberle is German for small wild boar and Eberle winery was one of our stops during our summer wine tour. 
If you are wondering about the name, they have a bronze boar replica of the original bronze Porcellino cast by Tacca in 1620 outside of their tasting room which apparently gives you good luck when you rub its nose and throw a coin in the water.  
I highly recommend a tour of this winery because they truly give you an inside look.  In fact they have 16,000 square feet of underground caves located below the winery which is where they age every bottle of wine.  

If you are so inclined, they also offer a VIP room for private parties and even a bigger area for rehearsal dinners or whatever the occasion.  Although not pictured, their tasting room is a great little spot to hang out.  There are  beaucoup wineries in the Paso Robles area but Eberle was definitely our fave.  Their tasting room is lovely and their staff are very warm and hospitable.  As you know, I LOVE the central coast of California and this winery is a must see.  Click here to get more info.

We brought home their Muscat Canneli and it was fabuloso!  Very refreshing and a little fruity.  Perfect for these über HOT evenings we have been "enjoying" here in the land of Red.

Do you have any vino recommendations for little old me?  
Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!


Carmi said...

I'm not an oenophile, so I won't even begin to attempt a recommendation :)

I do, however, wish to share the origins of my name. Carmi is Hebrew for "my vineyard". I don't drink much, but after seeing this, Laura, I realize I need to spend more time in these places from which I got my name.

Beach Vintage said...

Is it wrong to have a wine a noon on a Sunday? Thats what I am doing now. Thanks SeaLaura

Gabbi said...

I have to visit if only to tour those caverns Laura! Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! ♥

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ooooo. Just LOVE a good wine tour. None in these parts!

Candi said...

Great pictures, Laura! It looks like a lot of fun :) I used to work at a winery in the tasting room, I absolutely loved it even though I am not a wine drinker! lol

I do like a good moscato. Bogle and Sutter Homes makes a great one!

Happy Labor day! xoxo

Sarah B. said...

Looks like a lot of fun and very relaxing! I wish I enjoyed wine... :)
have a great week!!

anita said...

nice tour laura..we drink reislings, and german mosel river area grown grapes (in germany) our favorites!

Sam said...

Il Pocellino! We have an exact same one here in Sydney - and yes, you rub his nose and drop a coin in his pond whilst making a wish! I saw another which I think was the original bronze statue when I was in Florence many years ago.

How lovely do these vineyards look! I love that wine is grown in such beautiful surroundings!