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Virgin Islands on my mind...

Thinking of my island friends and wishing them well during the storm. 
   It looks like the Category 2 storm will hit St. John around 6pm.  The power is off in Cruz Bay.
For news of St. John visit : News of St. John
For news of St. Thomas visit : St. Thomas Blog


Ms. Givens said...

Hi Laura.

Style Odyssey said...

Lovely pics. I always enjoyed that late afternoon light, when the sun was low and everything appeared a silvery hue.
Power was turned off on Tortola early this a.m. My mates are having hurricane parties and baking. It's a chilly 79F there!

Love of the Sea said...

Gorgeous photos. Will keep my fingers crossed for St. John.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Will say a prayer for them.. that place holds such a special place in my heart :)

pam@ iLoveShelling said...

I'm hoping everything made it through okay today too.

Beach House Living said...

I lived there as young girl and my DB actually did as well but at a different time. We hope his friends home doesn't sustain damage and wish the same for those you know there.

simpledaisy said...

Your photos are dreamy! I sure hope they fair well in the storms! I know how much you love that place:) :)

gina@isolabellashop.com said...

Hey Laura! What a crazy week here. I am still without power on STT. It is very sad to see many trees down but thank goodness noone perished, and the trees will grow again.Many more nailbiter moments ahead of us here as the season ends early November. So far the hurricane season is quite active and these systems are very fast and powerful this year. We appreciate your positive vibes!
xo Gina

PS: good luck at my jewelry giveaway! Thanks for entering. You have been an avid supporter and I always am so appreciative of that.