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Grey Zapatos and Vestido w/Stripes

 Meet the new addition to the sealaura shoe club.  They are the Blowfish Willa in Grey Strike.  I instantly was attracted to their greyness but when I slipped them on they were amazing!  No wearing in, just slip on and go.  In fact I wore them all day on Monday and no blister, no problems!
 I also like the little studs, not too crazy but a little fun.
 This is one of my favorite dresses although at first I was nervous about the bubble butt factor, but I just went with it.  I added a brown men's belt that I bought at the Gap when I lived in South Bend, IN about 10 years ago.  It's soft & worn.
Ruffles, Stripes, Grey

You can see why it's one of my favorites
What is your favorite piece this season?


AndreaLeigh said...

so cute! I love these shoes!

Ms. Givens said...

Every bit adorable!

Eliza said...

oh my goodness..i love LOVE those shoes and that dress...so cute.

drollgirl said...


Beach House Living said...

Those are adorable. The studs give just enough edge and you can wear them all winter right to next spring.
My shoe club has many members or I might be tempted.

anita said...

wow laura..love your new shoes...
love your whole look !!!

simpledaisy said...

Alright..you look absolutely adorable!!! LOVE that outfit! and I am off to search out for those shoes...I must have them!!

Sam said...

Oh my goodness! You look sensational! Those shoes (divine!) teamed with that super cute ruffly dress is just the best! All I can say is: WOW!

Taylor said...

Adorable shoes! I love the unique shape of the heel. Love the grey ;) and you have such a cute figure!! Amazing outfit!!

Taylor said...

Just re-read this...you lived in South Bend!? My whole family went to Notre Dame, except me. I love ND. I would love to see it there some day!

Style Odyssey said...

LOVE it. and i don't see a bubble-butt effect, you are too funny, L!
you should do more outfit posts. your style is fab.

Everything Coastal said...

I NEED these shoes - love them!

Cheryl said...

You are so cool Laura! Love the shoes :)