Happy Monday!  We are especially happy here @sealaura because our very own Newman is in the running for being a "Beach Bum Biscuit Dog"  over at our friend Fifi Flower's blog.  The picture of Newman that is up is one from our recent summer vacay in Cayucos.
Remember this one? 
Here is the information from Fifi's site:

"6 LUCKY DOGS will be part of a NEW Frameble Notecard Collection 
that will help sponsor service and guide dogs!!!
WINNERS will received a set of notecards and a you will receive a SPECIAL rate if you wish to purchase YOUR DOG painted by Fifi Flowers!!!

and list the NUMBER above each dog you wish to vote for... 
a maximum vote of 6 please!

VOTING will be for 2 days... ending Tuesday, August 24th @ 9:00 pm California Time...  WINNERS will be announced THURSDAY, AUGUST 26th at a table for DOGS of course!!!"
I would be so honored if Newman made the cut and was featured for such a great cause. Our paws and fingers are crossed.
Click here to vote for Newman, he is #12!