Last night I had the privilege of attending the 2010 Fall/Winter Launch for  
Ruthie Davis.  It was literally shoe heaven.
 Ruthie Davis is a girl after my own heart.  Her shoes are indeed architectural feats. She blends influences from modernism, minimalism and as she describes it "high octane glamour."  

I fell in love with these blue beauties, perfect for those of us that like to channel the sea, n'est ce pas?

 One of the things I love about her design concept is that her muse is  "the sassy, central female heroine from comic books or James Bond type movies who is decked out in mini dresses or cat-suits, but always wearing fabulous shoes and ready for action."  Sure, maybe some of us have put our catsuits away, but her idea of the woman that is ready for action and can do anything is right up my alley.
 I personally always channel Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.  As a little girl, her dark hair, confidence and awesome costume really spoke to me.  There is definitely something to the idea of "arming" yourself with the proper fashion and in this case shoes, and feeling stronger and capable of conquering all.
 But at the end of the day what I love about fashion and these shoes is that they are fun!  way fun!
 Ruthie is known for her advanced heel architecture.  Check out the detail in this beauty.
 The unexpected hot pink in this black bootie gives it a happy punch.  And I do mean, punch POW!
 The event was held at Kitson on Melrose Ave in LA.  It was a fantastic evening full of fashion inspiration and getting to know one more amazing shoe designer that I am definitely adding to my list of favorites!