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Grey Flowers from BHL

Even though my home of Redlands is living up to its name by being RED hot (114 degrees!)  all I can think about is the fall and fall fashion.  By now you know about my GREY obsession and this beautiful flower pin from Beach House Living (see sponsor ad) is just fantastic!

I've read that grey flowers are uncommon and that is what makes this pin a little extra special.  The layers of soft grey, contrasted by the black petals are elegantly paired.

Rita from BHL has done a great job of styling the pin on this denim jacket, don't you think?  Just looking at this photograph, I feel instantly surrounded by fall foliage and ready to enjoy the crisp fall air.  OK, ok, maybe we won't have that here in Cali til December, but a girl can dream right? But wouldn't this be a great look for a nice dinner out by the sea?  I think so!


Ms. Givens said...

You should order it.

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

winner! definitely should be purchased :)

Everything Coastal said...

Good Morning! Thanks for posting on the FB page - and for adding me to your blog roll!

Cute flowers from Rita!

Tricia Rose said...

I think you deserve the flower...

Taylor said...

Such a nice accent to a denim jacket! I have an obsession with grey as well :) Check out my blog tomorrow for your Thursday Ten post, can't wait for the others to see it too! Adios!

Beach House Living said...

Thank you Laura, it's one of my favorites. I have been purchasing more and more gray the last few years. It just works so well with so many things.

Style Odyssey said...

This flower is so you!! :)

simpledaisy said...

Oh I love it!! I think you should get it!

ps...I wanted to say thank you for your nice comments on my blog!
You are always so sweet and I really appreciate your kind words:):)
Hope you have a fabulous weekend...I know I am really looking forward to it:)