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Sylvester Wine Avec Chocolat

 Congratulations!  You've made it to Friday!  Well we have a lot to celebrate here @sealaura.  Thanks to YOU our little Newman won the contest over @Fifi Flower's blog!  Check this out!
So we took out a Port we had been saving for a while from Sylvester Wineries , and decided to have our own chocolate pairing.


Now I know this may sounds a little odd BUT it is yummy and most of all FUN!  We all can't go to a winery every weekend, so sometimes it is fun to recreate the experience at home.  So get out your post its, pick up some delicious chocolates from Vosges and go to town!

Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend!


Tricia Rose said...

He won because he is the BEST DOG! Who could resist that high-steppin' paw?

Style Odyssey said...

i love this!!
and...port with chocolate? but of course. :)

drollgirl said...

wine, dogs and weekends! that is what life is all about! well, i'll add cats to the mix and a hundred other things, but you know what i mean!

hope you have a fab weekend!

Sarah B. said...

YAAAAY! I'm super glad that he won!

simpledaisy said...

Yeah for Newman:):)
Lucky dog!!

I agree with crating a wine experience at home too!
And I do love funky dark chocolates...
The best i've ever had was a chili cinnamon dark chocolate! It was so good I still dream about it...heehee::)
Have a super happy weekend!

Beach House Living said...

Congratulation to Newman! I still think that is a note card photo for sure.

Sam said...

Oh you won the Fifi FLowers competition! Lucky you! What a great painting she's done of your little fella!!

Love your shots - the light in your photos is always so gorgeous! It makes me long for Summer! Hope you're having a terrific weekend!

anita said...

yeah newman!
off on trip to mountains for week, but so happy for you all :)

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

So awesome!!!

Everything Coastal said...

Love your puppy's picture from Fifi -


Candi said...

Congrats on winning!!! Love Fifi's pic!

Anonymous said...

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