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La Placita Olvera

Are you up for a trip down to Olvera Street? In case you have never heard of this little street, it is located in the oldest part of Los Angeles and is also known as "La Placita Olvera" to the city's Spanish speakers. In the early 1800s this area was the heart of the Mexican community and today it is a colorful marketplace.

Today it is the home to many vendors selling a variety of goods that reflect this city's rich Mexican heritage.
You can find piñatas, candy, beautiful leather goods, from purses to the huaraches you see below.

If you make a trip to LA, this is a great place to stop for a great lunch. I love visiting places rich in history and this one is right in my back yard. It is in downtown LA and from here you can bounce to Chinatown or to Hollywood. The 101 is waiting for you!


Ms. Givens said...

I started learning the Spanish language but need to start over. I used to have one of those dresses. :)

Everything Coastal said...

love the colors!

simpledaisy said...

I love the colors of everything....looks like a super fun place:)

drollgirl said...

olvera street is looking good! i haven't been there in YEARS!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...such bright colors and festive wares!!! i just bought a couple of those dresses...one in black and one in orange. i love to wear them in the summer because they look so happy with all their bright embroidered flowers!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I grew up in L.A. and the obligatory field trip for every kid was Olvera Street. We have something similar here in San Diego called Old Town. I love those dresses. I call them Senorita dresses and wear one to bed every night. Probably the only Irish-American woman who does~

Cindy Whitehead said...

You just reminded me that I have not been there in forever! Great pictures. So glad you stopped by and now I get to see your blog too!

I am having my first giveaway - someone needs to win! (-:

Come by!


jenna @ alittlebleu said...

yay ~ love this post. i've never been there, and i love exploring sooo i am adding this to my to do's! :)

hope you had a great trip to lalaland!