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Variety of Villas @Venice Boardwalk

Venice has a wide variety of living options. Today I wanted to show you the eclectic mix right off the boardwalk.

This is one of my favorites, classic and I will take the penthouse please!
This one was a bit off the boardwalk but it caught my eye because it was so ornate. Not for me but wow!
This is more of what I would expect for a beach condo.
How about a deck or a patio? What are your needs for your beachy villa?
At first glance this casita looks normal but then I spotted boars up by the roof...interesting. But remember, Venice is a artsy community so you can always expect to be surprised.
This ends our tour of boardwalk villas. Keep in mind the boardwalk is a snippet of Venice Beach, there are many other beautiful homes in this beachy city. Next time I think I will explore the homes by the canals. Thanks for coming along!


Abby Kihano said...

venice beach is right next to santa monica right?

nice pictures ;]

Shorely Chic said...

I LOVED Venice Beach!! I was able to stop there for a bit during my visit! A friend has a very chic loft apartment just a block away - so cool!!

Tricia Rose said...

I would take anything in Venice, but if it had a good outdoor space I would be in heaven. Maybe one of the houses on a canal, with a dear little garden, and just visit the beach for the madness...

Everything Coastal said...

Have great memories of years ago visiting Venice Beach! Still have the pretty green jade earrings and the great cd that I bought from some street musicians... have always wanted to go back! Thanks for sharing

Ms. Givens said...

Definately a deck and floor to ceiling windows.

Erin said...

So cool! I almost feel like I'm there!

Drawn to The Sea said...

All intriguing, but me? Just a simple place by the sea please.


drollgirl said...

i am pretty sure i couldn't afford to live in ANY of them. dang it. beach life always seems to be out of reach for me!

silver coast estate agents said...

Those villas are so different from each other but I think that those are a great place live. Every villa has its own beauty. For me the villa is on the last photo.

rehabbing real estate said...

All those properties or villas are so beautiful. I am sure the owners of those properties are so happy in what they have.