Venice has a wide variety of living options. Today I wanted to show you the eclectic mix right off the boardwalk.

This is one of my favorites, classic and I will take the penthouse please!
This one was a bit off the boardwalk but it caught my eye because it was so ornate. Not for me but wow!
This is more of what I would expect for a beach condo.
How about a deck or a patio? What are your needs for your beachy villa?
At first glance this casita looks normal but then I spotted boars up by the roof...interesting. But remember, Venice is a artsy community so you can always expect to be surprised.
This ends our tour of boardwalk villas. Keep in mind the boardwalk is a snippet of Venice Beach, there are many other beautiful homes in this beachy city. Next time I think I will explore the homes by the canals. Thanks for coming along!