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Buona Sera da Kalura @Palm Springs

It has been a bit of International week at sealaura industries. Last weekend we had some friends visit from Norway and on tuesday our New Zealand friends came to visit us in the land of Red. After showing them around our town we waited until sunset to head out to Palm Springs for a fantastic meal at one of our favorite restaurants Kalura Trattoria Italiana.
I enjoyed the Tagliatelli Crustacei and B had the Spaghetti Carbonara. It was so delizioso! Kalura is a must stop if you are ever in PS.
Now you might be asking yourself ¿Palm Springs in the summer?!!? Yes, dears Palm Springs in the summer and it was favoloso! Now here's the deal, sure, rock climbing, hiking, even golfing...no grazie fa caldo! However don't forget PS does have a lot of fabulous spas, art galleries, gorgeous modernist architecture, restaurants and shopping!! It is very hot during this time of the year and things are a bit more quiet but it is also a lot cheaper!! ding ding ding That's where I come in! Since we live nearby, B and I come here in the evenings but if you do want to vacay here, you can enjoy some pool time, spa treatments etc during the day, and spend the warm evenings dining al fresco. I love that they have misters outside of the restaurants, it makes summer nights very refreshing.
Since I am a profesora I do have a lesson for you, a quick travel lesson:

1. be positive

2. make the most of what is around your area, explore, explore, explore!

3. the "perfect season" for a destination might not always work, therefore keep in mind that it is always the perfect time of year to have fun anywhere!


Cheryl said...

That food looks delicious! I love the travel tips too - I hope your summer is treating you fabulously Laura!!

Ms. Givens said...

My best friend lived in Norway for 2 years.
I agree with your vacay advise. If your too rigid you ruin it for everyone. Think of it as an adventure.

anita said...

wow that gorgeous pile of pasta had me at hello :)

yes, blow with the wind or tumble with the weed i say..good travel advise laura :)

good idea to go to palm springs in the evenings. we do that alot here in florida as its too hot any other time!

Style Odyssey said...

that is some spectacular food.
palm springs...i'd go there anytime. i hate extreme heat, but not daunted by it, particularly if it's "off season" (fewer crowds and less pricey).

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm loving the pile of pasta. Never seen it served like that before! I'd love to visit..., but it's soooo far away. I'm glad you're sharing it!!!!

Beach House Living said...

Misters outside? I keep mentioning those and people look at me like what on earth could you be talking about. Those sound wonderful in this awful heat wave.

Gabbi said...

The food looks delicious Laura! And I haven't had dinner... torture! :) Also, as a fan of the Coachella music festival I want to go on record with how lovely nights are in the hot deserts. The stars and the cool breeze that blows through. I'm going with magical, and I'm not a fan of the word, but they are.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...you have been busy with guests and the food looks divine...love your picture too! xoxo

Mary-Laure said...

Looks just as delicious as what I'n having in Italy right now!

And what about your dogs? Are they home alone in LA?

Brenda's Arizona said...

Great words of wisdom! I love knowing SOMEONE else goes to Palm Springs during the 'off season'! Better rates, no crowds, lots of fun, and plenty of misters to keep you cool. Just lovely restaurants, too!