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Vietnamese Pho...si por favor!

How about a little culinary excursion today to Vietnam? This past weekend, B and I wanted something inexpensive and delicious, sounds like a tall order, no? But we found it a few blocks from our villa. Vietnamese Pho.This was my first time having Pho, but when I saw the ingredients to this delicious soup I was definitely in!
Pho is : a rice noodle soup served with basil, lime, bean sprouts and peppers that you can add to taste.

I couldn't believe that I hadn't discovered this delicious meal before, where have I been?
You can have chicken, beef or tripe added. I had mine with filet mignon for $7. YES 7 bucks people!
I also had coconut juice to compliment this already amazing meal, and it was so good. I was so happily surprised when they brought it to the table straight from the coconut. It was like getting a really nice present on top of an already fantastic meal.
Some of you may have had Pho before, but I wanted to share my Pho story to encourage you to try something different. Explore a new restaurant or perhaps just a new dish at your favorite place. Take a chance. Soup does not sound like the dish for summer, but again if you limit your experiences to the "appropriate" season or time, you are going to miss out! And since going out to eat is a treat, maybe you can choose to experiment a new dish during lunch when the prices are less. This was a splendid meal and I will be going back for mo' pho! (sorry I couldn't resist I love the word pho now, pho sho!)


Tricia Rose said...

More even than Pho (which I do love), I love hot sour Thai fish soup, along the same lines (hot is chili, sour is lemon juice or lime). In Bangkok I used to have it for breakfast!

Haven't had it in the US, but I do have the recipe. Quite fiddly to make, but worth it.

simpledaisy said...

I've never had pho....but it sure looks yummy!!!
I like all kinds of food...so I wouldn't have any problem trying something new out:) :)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Nadia @ www.lavidaaloha.blogspot.com said...

I never had Pho until I moved to Hawaii, and now I love it - even in the summer heat! It's hearty and satisfying, yet light. Yum!

Ms. Givens said...

Must have the peppers.
Have a fabulous day!

Wild and Precious said...

i went to Vietnam in college and my best friend in HS was Vietnamese, but didn't have the guts to try a lot of the food. but we jsut got a great Vietnamese hot spot a few blocks down and it is so yum!

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Taylor said...

I'll be honest...I have never had Vietnamese food and I am very bashful when it comes to trying new things! You are courageous! The way you describe pho makes it sound really good though, i like rice, basil, and peppers. So I'd probably like the other things!

swile67 said...

yummy! thanks for posting this! i want to search this out!

Everything Coastal said...

One of my favorite meals! Haven't had any since I've moved to California... have to introduce Tom to Pho. Isn't it wonderful? Everytime I have it, I try something new to stir inside....


Gabbi said...

I love Pho soup! Great breakdown of the ritual... ♥

Ladyulia said...

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I'm glad to find it