Hola! On Friday this will be our view for 9 days. We are getting ready to head up to Cayucos for our family vacation. Now I know that in these hard times it is hard to splurge on a vacay, but in my humble opinion, somethings are worth having. I can't stay at the Shangri-la either but due to the hard times, there are many people looking to rent their cottages and beach flats for reasonable rates ( I found mine on craigslist!). The only way this profesora can afford to travel is on the cheap so that is how we are pulling off the view you see above. Obviously everyone has different needs and preferences. My requirements these days are : a roof, bathroom, and the beach! And the thing is, you will find you can get sooo much more. I know it may seem like I do a lot, and I do, but don't be fooled, I'm all about the happy hour specials, eating mostly at home, and maybe enjoying a drink at a place with a gorgeous view. The first time I went to Palm Springs I brought my PBJ and Diet Coke in a cooler. Sad? Not really 'cuz I got to travel!And here's a bonus a lot of people are pet friendly so you can truly have a family vacay and save on a petsitter. The boys are looking forward to their vacay. They too deserve a little R&R by the beach.