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We made it to Cayucos!

Buenos dias!! We are in Cayucos! B and I just took the boys on their first walk on the beach and look what Norm found, a beautiful starfish! I had never seen one on the beach before.
What a happy sweet welcome to Cayucos. Yesterday, we were feeling like little kids waiting to open our Christmas presents so we jumped in "Dusty" (B's truck) and made the drive last night. Our reward came this morning, waking up to the ocean breeze and finding such a beautiful creature on the beach.
Stay tuned for more posts from the Central Coast. Consider me on a road assignment, trying to get all the beachy details for you dahlings, my wonderful readers. So long for now, I am off to finish watching the first World Cup game, at this moment South Africa is ahead by one. Have a wonderful weekend!


Beach House Living said...

Seeing that starfish in the morning was worth the drive. It's huge.

Ms. Givens said...

Was it alive? Such a wonderful color.
Once we were in the Turks & Caicos and a young American on the beach dove 40 feet down to bring one up for us to see. I love the ocean!

anita said...

i actualy watch some of the world cup today too!

happy vaca to you all!

Rose West said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely getaway... the starfish is beautiful. I love findings like that :)

Taylor said...

That starfish is breathtaking! What a beautiful find! I love that picture of Norman sniffing it, thats a picture you could enter in a photo contest, it is such a unique picture that would be next to impossible to re-create!

And - I love your grey knit hat :) It is SO nice. I would looove to get my hands on a nice hat like that! I can't wear one here, this time of year - - someday when I'm a beach bum all year round, I'll sport one...

La Dolfina said...

Wow that starfish is stunning!!!!
Now that is a great omen to the start of your much deserved vacation!!!
Enjoy :)

Melissa said...

WOW! What a gorgeous star fish! I would have just been dizzy finding such a beautiful thing! Was it still alive, or did you collect it?
I have to say, I have never found one that big! The ones I usually see need help getting back to the water after being felt behind by the tides.
Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful!