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Monday Blues # 56 from the Mission Inn

Hola! ¿How about a little excursion this morning to the Mission Inn? We have been here before but today I will show you a different area and showcase some of the marvelous architecture. In order to begin our tour, we have to climb to the top of the building. And as we head up you will see many crests on the wall. This one caught my eye because I have a thing for Leos :P
Once we reach the top you will be marveled by the beautiful architecture. According to the Mission Inn's website. The hotel was built in the style of Mission revival architecture. It has been Riverside's main keystone since 1876. Initially it was a 12 room boarding house but now it is a 239 room hotel and spa.
Once we make it to the top (you can take the elevator if you wish), I think it is worth your while to take the stairs back down to the main floor.
Isn't it breathtaking? Down at the bottom you have the Spanish coloniol "atrio" or atrium with a beautful blue tiled fountain.
I took mis padres to the Mission Inn for their recent visit and they loved it.
Sometimes the Inland Empire gets a bad wrap and LA gets all the attention, but I have to tell you there are many gems out here in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The Mission Inn is definitely one of those jewels. It is a favorite destination for weddings, (the chapel is beautful!) and all sort of special occasions. In fact I believe the Reagans hooneymooned here. If you want to go somewhere that will take you back in time, this is a great place to stop. It has all of the amenities of a fancy hotel but a distinct historic and special feel. Thanks for coming along!


Style Odyssey said...

what pretty architecture! You took some great pics, especially the one looking down onto the atrium fountain.

Tricia Rose said...

I went there a million years ago! with my mother-in-law!

anita said...

oh! i love this laura!
love the terra cotta colors with the shock of blue! gorgeous

Beach House Living said...

Beautiful place. Each tile like a work of art. Can you sit by the fountain and have some ice tea or lunch? It's kept very nice. A 12 room place is now 239?

La Dolfina said...

How fabulous is this place! I will definitely make a point to visit one day. Our son starts UCLA in the Fall and I plan on coming down a lot so thank you for introducing me to some great spots to check out. Maybe we can meet up at one of them sometime :)

Beach Vintage said...

The buildings are just amazing. How ever does mankind build them? Thanks for the mini tour.

S and O said...

Ooooo that inn is soooo beautiful and lost in time, I wish I was there!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...truly stunning...a visual feast in color and design...and a bit of history to boot! thanks for sharing, xoxo, mickey