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{Sea} Horsing Around

Are you up for a little seahorsing? Well come on! This beautiful cardi is the right attire for our venture today. It is from Seaton the überchic surf lifestyle shop owned by Jill Roberts.

I love seahorses and have found so many lovely pieces on the web from all of my beach bloggy friends. Up above and down below are creations from Rita @ Beach House Living. Can you believe the beautiful detail on this spoon?
You probably recognize this block print from Isola Bella. Perfectly Pink and ready to perk up a good friend with this notecard.
Isn't this belt adorable? It is from Rosie Cambell a stylish accesories shop.How about a little something for the the beach house, like this napkin holder? This one is so elegant and full purpose. You can find it @Caron's Beach Shop. Caron's blog is also a fun stop, She has a great recipe for Island cookies, yum!
I will be enjoying the unseasonably cool weather this weekend and the World Cup Final Match!
What will you be doing?


Tricia Rose said...

That's a good selection of seahorses! I have een earrings too, but not recently...

La Dolfina said...

I love these sea horse inspired things. Rita's creations are my faves. Fantastic round-up!!!!!
Have the best weekend!

Style Odyssey said...

cute finds! i like all things from the sea (but of course!)

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE seahorses... they are so cute!!!
I live in an old neighborhood and my neighbors have a little OLD built in pool and there is a FABULOUS mosaic seahorse in the wall!

tales from an oc cottage said...

What cuteness!!!

m ^..^

Taylor said...

That spoon is beautiful! I wish I had a whole collection! Seahorses are so dainty and beautiful. My mom used to tell me, when she went to the beach, there used to be a store she went to and they sold live seahorses. Which is completely illegal now, I think, because they are so rare...but anyways! Good post!

Sam said...

Seahorses are just such wonderful creatures. We have them in the harbour here in Sydney and apparently couples link tails and dance over the sea weed every morning. I haven't actually seen that - I just read about it! Lovely post!

Ms. Givens said...

I seen some Sea Horse things in the new Martha Stewart Living.
I got my Coco Chanel over the weekend. :)

Mermaid Creek said...

Lovely collection of seahorses! Of course I would enjoy this though ;). Love your blog!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

What a lovely collection of Seahorses - they've always intrigued me. Have a marvelous weekend, Laura!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

patty anderson belts and jewelry said...

I Love your sea horse assortment!! We often find them here in the grasses of the intracoastal. What amazing little creatures!!