Now that we are in the middle of summer, most of us are heading to the beach and taking the whole family. Well, if you are like me, that means Norman and Newman and unfortunately not all beaches are dog friendly, pooh! Remember when I took Norm to Manhattan Beach only to find out he was canine non grata? Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Morro Strand Beach on the central coast because that is where my boys recently had the time of their lives.
As you may recall, we stayed in Cayucos and frolicked on this part of this beach. B and I loved taking our boys out in the early AM and late in the PM. It felt like we had the beach to ourselves and that is why we were comfortable letting the boys loose for a little fun. Now, of course you have to use your best judgement. So if your dogs are unpredictable, definitely keep them on a leash and technically that is the rule but since there was nobody there...
We had so much fun running around. It was a fun workout for them and for me. And if you do bring your dogs on vacay with you, I advise you to wear them out right before you go out ( w/o them) for the day. Poor Newman sometimes barely made it back to the cottage, he was so tired!
But then he perked up and wanted some more fun!
Here in SoCal,there are several dog friendly beaches, here's a few :
1. Huntington Beach (remember this post?)
2. Long Beach
3. Fiesta Island Beach (San Diego)
4. Coronado Dog Beach
I found this link for those of you with doggies in Florida. click here.
I get so much joy from my boys. I promise you I can see them smiling when we go for our crazy runs. It is so nice to incorporate them into our travels when we can and lucky for us, most of the time we can.
Where do you take your furry family members for fun?