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G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S @the beach

Hello dahlings, a little beachy glitz and glam for you today. Grab your sequined clutch and let's go, vamonos! How about this beachy, blinged out ride for our journey? Isn't it adorable. It stopped me in my tracks as I walked through downtown Cayucos.
These lovely chandeliers would be fab in a bedroom or above a vanity. I love chandeliers, so fancy.
I could kick myself for not picking this baby up when I saw it. It was so fab and in one of my favorite colors grey! I pictured myself sipping some champagne at a ball à la The Great Gatsby.
I sometimes acquire random fashion items because they are amazing but sadly I often have no event in sight for which they could be worn. Last fall I bought this fab faux fur coat and I have yet to wear it, that is why I passed on this gorgeous dress, argghh! I guess it wasn't in my fashion destiny.
Ok, dolls, time to hop off the ride and get! Have a great day!


anita said...

you got me laughing! i thought it was a car..not a cart!!!!!

S and O said...

Fancy indeed, I don't know where you are but they really know the meaning of eye candy :D


Beach Combing... said...

You are just too cute!

simpledaisy said...

So cute:)
I thought it was a car too! Now that is one fancy golf cart! My husband would love it!!!!

Style Odyssey said...

the gray frock is quite glamorous! alas, some purchases are not meant to be.
that is some golf cart! i wonder what Mr. Odyssey would think...i'll have to show him.

Beach House Living said...

Love it a golf cart with such a fancy front. Here is was thinking it was a Rolls...Fabulous and fun.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...that is definitely some major glamour! i love all the sparkle!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Whoa major glamour is right :) haha Have a great week!

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


Ms. Givens said...

You are too funny.
I gave my chandelier to my mom. The scale was wrong for where I had it.
That just means I gotta buy another. ;)

Taylor said...

Oooooooh that dress is so lovely...definitely Gatsby! I guess what you're feeling is the opposite of buyer's remorse, and it is a feeling that really does stink. But you're right, it wasn't meant to be! Which is fine! You will find something even better soon.

I featured you in my blog in my most recent post!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

What a fun post, Laura! The chandeliers ARE fabulous.