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Summer's calling!

Happy first weekend of Summer! Where are you headed this weekend? Even though I just got back from an incredible vacation I hear the sea calling.
Remember, the sea is anywhere you want it to be, so get out there and have fun this weekend!


Ms. Givens said...

Howdy, yes I say Howdy!
I am going to the races tonight and sit in the humidity and eat dust. :)
Tomorrow I am hoping to yard sale. Sunday I am going to a convention entitled " How Can You Draw Close To God?" Lets hope I learn how.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Style Odyssey said...

maybe off to the beach, huh...sounds like a great plan! it's not on my agenda, unless i can find a beach nearby on sunday that allows doggies.
saturday, i'm off to a fun blogger meet-up!
have a lovely weekend, sealaura! xo

Beach House Living said...

Hi there!

I've fallen a bit behind to answer your questions...sorry about that.

In the meantime I like the Pacific Coast Highway sign it would look cool on a wall don't you think.

Sarah B. said...

I hope you had a great vacation! I'm near Santa cruz for the weekend and I have to bribe my husband to take me to the beach... he would rather stay inland...

simpledaisy said...

Yes...Yes the sea is anywhere you want it to be...even in Indiana:)
We went to the beach last night...it was faulous! Love the photos:)

Cloudia said...

Aloha from my beach to yours!

Comfort Spiral

Rose West said...

Yay, summer! That's an exciting thought! I really like your blog, btw, and enjoy all the great pictures of your seashore... It's funny how the sea looks different in different places.