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Monday Blues # 57 from Pismo Beach

I think this sign above really does summarize the vibe of Pismo Beach. It is an old school beach town, not too fancy, very welcoming and a great place to surf. It reminded me a bit of Oceanside in San Diego, due to its relaxed non frou frou vibe.
B was able to take in a little surfing here and if you don't mind me saying, he did AWESOME!
Another perk about Pismo is that it has this fab pier where you can take in the beach and lucky for me, I could document B's surfing experience. It does get chilly early in the AM here, but luckily hot coffee is available on the pier as well as some other treats.
Check him out! Not bad right?
I love these boards that welcome you onto the beach. Classic is the best way I can describe Pismo, in fact "Classic California" is their motto. I pictured Gidget heading up here with Moondoggie and the gang for a beachy getaway.
This was a great day outing for us. We had lunch after the surfing and then meandered back to Cayucos via SLO.
Wishing you a happy first day of summer!


drollgirl said...

you are in pismo! lucky you! it is so beautiful there. i can't wait to hit the beach. soon. very soon.


Cloudia said...

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Ms. Givens said...

Sounds wonderful.
We went to Turner Falls over the weekend. No waves just lazy rivers. :)

twitterpated said...

I have so many brilliant memories from Pismo Beach. Have an awesome time. xxx

Beach Combing... said...

Sounds wonderful! I have requested from Tom that we head South sometime this summer (or fall) to explore the "other" end of Hwy 1. Glad you liked the post... so funny, was watching "East of Eden" the other day and enjoying the scenes of the rocks in Monterey...

Beach Vintage said...

One day I will return to California for another trip. Loved it there.

Beach House Living said...

Was in Pismo a very very long time ago and really liked it there.

Tess said...

Great beachy shots SeaLaura - we'll definitely go for a surf there next time we're in Californi-a.

simpledaisy said...

Oh how fun!!! That looks awesome! I have never surfed in my life....i'd probably really hurt myself:)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a cool place! love the surfing guys! xoxo, mickey

S and O said...

beautiful pictures! those waves look amazing!
I've yet to learn how to surf but I have been wanting to for soooo long! Maybe this Summer will be my year :)


p.s. thanks for stopping by our blog!!

Cheryl said...

Very cool Laura! B did a great job - I wish I could surf ;)

Candi said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!! I've never been but I'm going in November for a wedding. I can't wait! :)