This weekend, I am participating in a yard sale. Trying to declutter and downsize some more. A few years ago I found a fabulous article from Real Simple and I thought I would share it with you all in case you are getting ready to have a yard/garage sale yourself. I've had a few in the past couple of years and I have learned that you can get quickly overwhelmed, so planning is a must.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Tag all week so you don't get overwhelmed when everyone is talking to you at once about prices

2. Make signs and put them up the night before

3. Get up early and make sure you eat and have a good cup of java (to go)

4. There are some serious early birds out there so set up as early as possible (6am anyone?)

5. My main goal is not to have to haul anything back or to the Goodwill when I am exhausted from a day of sun. So as if gets closer to noon, I personally get more generous! In fact, noon is my max time out, the customers start to dwindle around 11am.

Do you have any tips for a successful yardsale?