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Yard Sailing!

This weekend, I am participating in a yard sale. Trying to declutter and downsize some more. A few years ago I found a fabulous article from Real Simple and I thought I would share it with you all in case you are getting ready to have a yard/garage sale yourself. I've had a few in the past couple of years and I have learned that you can get quickly overwhelmed, so planning is a must.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Tag all week so you don't get overwhelmed when everyone is talking to you at once about prices

2. Make signs and put them up the night before

3. Get up early and make sure you eat and have a good cup of java (to go)

4. There are some serious early birds out there so set up as early as possible (6am anyone?)

5. My main goal is not to have to haul anything back or to the Goodwill when I am exhausted from a day of sun. So as if gets closer to noon, I personally get more generous! In fact, noon is my max time out, the customers start to dwindle around 11am.

Do you have any tips for a successful yardsale?


Taylor said...

Oh, yard sales! My mom is an expert yard-saler and she has it down to a T. I like all of your suggestions, esp. about pricing your merchandise! My other advice would possibly to have a wingman to help you, like your BF or a friend, so that you don't get too overwhelmed, you know? But you probably already have a helper!

Whenever our yard sales are over we take our leftovers to this church that accepts EVERYTHING to give to poorer folks. It's a good feeling!

Hope you get rid of a lot and make some $! Enjoy your yard sale!

Style Odyssey said...

Good reminders. We're probably having a leaving-island yard sale late May, of whatever we haven't already sold by then.
Good luck w/ yours!

anita said...

this reminds me of a garage sale i had posted for friday and saturday. my husband left for work and didn't put the garage door down. we accidentally slept in and i woke to some shopper calling "hello" from my kitchen with items out of the garage..some items not even in the sale :)
haha...it was a crazy way to start the day..

drollgirl said...

i hope you rake in the cash! and i hope you have a place to sit in the sun!

i'd say try and display things in an attractive and organized manner. if things look like a mess i think it is a turn off. but maybe that is just me!

Shorely Chic said...

that sounds like fun! I've always wanted to have one- good luck!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Don't let people into your house!! I know a yard sale is held outside only, but we once had the glorious idea since we wanted to sell almost everything (before a move)to open the house up and it was an invasion!

Good Luck!

Sam said...

Great tips! I've only done one yard sale and was absolutely shocked at the response! It's such a fun (and exhausting) thing to do! Best of luck!

Beach House Living said...

Good luck, hope you have fair weather and reap in some cash while losing some clutter.

Pricing everything is wise. Do get someone to help if you can.

Mimi said...

I miss yard sales!

Shellbelle said...

Don't let anyone talk you down on the price you set, unless they're buying multiple items. Be willing to deal, but don't let them take advantage, someone else will come along who will pay the price and take home a real treasure (like those seashells).

Have fun and wear sunscreen!

Shellbelle said...

Oh, sell lemonade. Works great on a hot day and your shoppers will appreciate it.

the style crusader said...

these are such great tips! i am in such a de-cluttering mad state at the moment! just sold 15 items on ebay last week and have dropped off three big bags to oxfam. have never done a yard sale before! but i've learnt from ebay that you can't be too attached or expect too much from items... the things you hope will go for a lot normally don't and you can't feel disappointed about it. aim to sell a lot and then it will all even out and you'll feel satisfied in the end. xx

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Great tips! We are having a yard sale in a few weeks so this post was timed just right. :O)

Have a beachy weekend!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

pam said...

Somebody should have bought that whole jar of shells just the way they are- so cute!