Do you have a favorite pair of summer sneakers? Here in Cali, just about everyone has a pair of Vans ( I think they hand them out at the statelines!) When I was a chiquita I loved my Keds and today I love my shimmery summer sneakers from Superga. I have been longing for some summer sparkle shoes, remember my love for the glittery TOMS? Anyway, I had my eyes on these babies for a while and then I received an email from good friend Shopstyle and treated myself to them @ 50% off! Here is the Superga story:
" Long a favorite for taking Italians from the city to the beach to weekends away, it is easy to wear and designed to dress up casual sportswear. Superga 2750s can be washed like your favorite jeans to create your own vintage look."I told myself that I would only keep one pair. BUT I lied!! I can't part with them. They fit right in with the sealaura beachy lifestyle. I love how they can go from casual beach to a little more funky flare. I think I will wear them with white pants for dinners out in Cayucos or for wine tasting tours while we are on vacay.
Flip Flops are a summer staple but I think these are great for walking and sightseeing, without looking too much like I just came from walking in the sand. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn't hurt too look a little polished even at the beach n'est ce pas?

What is your summer sneaker of choice?