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sealaura's mini sea retreat

Hola! How is your week going so far? Do you need a little mini-retreat? How about creating one, with items you probably have in your casita?
Isn't it funny how kids love to play with water and make a big mess? Water is just plain fun and beautiful and can also create a carefree relaxing feeling. I was feeling semi-crafty and recycled my salsa verde bottle, stuck a few little shells, water and some lavender and TADA!
It's not that exciting, but I love it and it is the little things that count in the end, right?
I just adore looking at the shells in the water. I think the green gives it a little bit more of an earthy feel. Have a great thursday!


Ms. Givens said...

I filled up a toddler pool for my dog and it seems to have attracted the cutest little frog and we have two rabbits living nearby.

Maya said...

Love the shell jarscape!!

Sam said...

OH! Look at that glorious sunshine glowing through your pretty shell jar! It's been very wet and rainy here for the last week - but I think there is clear skies predicted for the weekend! Can't wait!

Beach House Living said...

Our vet's office has large flask with shells on the bottom and a stick or two of bamboo and has a beta fish in it. I stare at it every time I'm there.

simpledaisy said...

So cute!!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend:)
I am officially on SUMMER VACAY after today!!!

anita said...

yes, a little mini retreat!
i think youve inspired me to make my own today :)

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Sometimes the simplest things are the best - - this is delightful! :O)