Buenas tardes! It is a late start to this Friday. I have been up to some massive multi-tasking this week, while my parents visit from Las Vegas baby! Well before I take off to see MacGruber with B ( I know, taking one for the team!) I thought I would leave you with a little sealaura recipe. Easy of course 'cuz you know that's how I do. La cocina and I are still at the start of our friendship so baby steps...
Today we are having Israeli Couscous and a little strawberry salad with spinach and sliced almonds. The salad was inspiration from my friend Cozy Kitchen by the sea. I saw it on her blogeroo and thought "that, I can do!"
So you may be wondering what I am bringing to the mesa. On a recent trip to Trader Jose's I discovered Israeli Couscous. This recipe is perfect for a busy day because the couscous takes about 13 minutes to cook and then all you have to do is add some cut up rotisserie chicken and some sauteed asparagus and TADA!! Dinner is served. I have been really trying to be a good SAHP (stay at home profesora). You know how when you are little you play house? Well I have been playing house and it has been going well. Mostly thanks to you all who inspire me with your craftiness, cooking encouragement and helpful tips.
Hope you have a fab Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones!

Oh, and don't forget to stop by Simpledaisy she has an awesome recipe and easy cool craft for you!