¡Buenos dias! I had a wonderful weekend visiting my beloved Los Angeles and seeing a fabulous film in Santa Monica. B and I were skipping back to our car after enjoying dinner at a gastropub and as we turned the corner, these beautiful blue hills caught my eye.
I took this on Robertson Blvd, yes that Robertson Blvd, "where the stars shop" and of course dahling I am a star so I felt quite at home. Actually I felt at home because I often took the bus up and down Beverly Blvd. Back in the day, profesora had no ride! haha!
Now, let me tell you about "Exit Through the Giftshop". Due to it's slightly illegal nature, street art was hard to document but this film shows how powerful and relevant this type of art is to our culture. Thierry Guetta is a french immigrant who became obsessed with street art and due to his hobby of videography, accidentally ended up collecting years of footage before becoming a street artist himself. I found this film to be incredible inspiring because these artists often risk it all for the sake of their craft. Sometimes people equate street art with graffiti or vandalism but that is a mistake. Although most of these artists do bend or flat out break the law, I was still in awe of their work. There is so much I could tell you about this film but I don't want to spoil it for you. If you enjoy art, this film is for you and who doesn't love art? I would describe it as a comedic documentary thriller. For a trailer click here, you will be glad you did.

**this last pic above was taken by B and is a small example of another type of street art. do you ever wonder why there are random sayings, or pictures in your town? Go see this film and learn more !