Ok, so if you had to pick, which one of these casitas would you pick? This is what B asked me as we stood looking overhead. I like the grey one but the yellow and blue one had a lot of awesome terraces. What about you? These colorful homes reminded me a little bit of the houses in the Caribbean.
Now check out the view to the left: The Santa Monica pier. This historic gem has been here since 1909. Santa Monica is a great beach town, there are plenty of shopping, dining, and people watching opportunities. If you come to LA, I would definitely make a stop here. In fact, it was the first beach I visited when my family came to the U.S. Now, when it comes to swimming, this is not my favorite beach. Unfortunately the water is not the bluest (I'll just say that!). But walking down the pier and smelling the ocean air is always awesome. As you can see there are also fun rides for the whole family to enjoy. Come back tomorrow for more peeks into Santa Monica.
What beach (or special place) do you take friends when they come to your town?