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Monday Blues #52

Good May morning to you! How do you like this blue shot of my Norman? He is definitely a California canine isn't he? Anyway, I am so excited when a new week or a new month starts because it is an opportunity to accomplish new (and old) goals. Just like my sweet little Norm above, I am looking forward to many things. Like my parents visit, weekend outings with B, walks with the boys, and working out. Don't know about you but sometimes I do have a little coastal fog that deters me from accomplishing more. But once it lifts and the sun comes out and I am motivated. You know how I told you B and I have a silly song repertoire well, one of our favorite songs is the military cadence "Moti Moti got a lot of motivation! Dedi Dedi got a lot of dedication!" You wouldn't believe how this little tune gets us going. The power of positive thinking is real and sometimes we just have to pump ourselves up to tackle and enjoy what is ahead.
How do you get motivated?


AndreaLeigh said...

i am having a super hard time getting motivated lately - maybe it is because I am always tired? looking forward to seeing some responses.

what kind of camera do you use?

Style Odyssey said...

Norman is one cool beach dog!
How do I get motivated? Self-imposed deadlines. Maybe a reward at the end, too.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I just get cracking....put on my cleaning clothes if it's cleaning...my hat if it is gardening...my shoes if it is anything else. Today...I don't have either on...tsk tsk!

simpledaisy said...

Yes...Yes!!! I agree:)
Whenever the suns pokes it's pretty little head out I get super motivated:)
It's a wonderful feeling!!
Have a splendid week~

Beach House Living said...

Norm looks quite happy on the beach! As for motivation I need to find some, the house is a wreck.

anita said...

i feel better when things dont pile up..so i try to tackle stuff everyday..or everyday that isn't a play day. lately i cant seem to get a play day..

Queen B. said...

** Hola Sea Laura !
Quick question...
I LOVE your beach bag that you gave away. I had one just like it when I grew up in California.
Do you know where I can buy one online ?
Does it have a tag or do you know what type of bag that is called ???

Queen B. said...

SeaLaura !
Thanks for your comment.
It reminded me that there is a little beach shop here that has tons of stuff from Africa.
I bet they have the bag !
Thanks for the info :)

Ms. Givens said...

Norman has got it made.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Thanks for the positive motivation this Monday.

Norman is adorable!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Rose West said...

I get coastal fog too! Today was overcast and voggy, and I just couldn't get motivated.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Dog licks on my face always motivate me. Haha! The coast is lovely, and Norm is one way COOL friend!