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Hello! I see you! Just kidding, but I do want to say hi to all of my new followers and of course to all of my old friends as well. I am so thrilled to have you all on board. Well, today we are still in Santa Monica but I thought I would share with you some of the fashion I spotted while walking down the promenade. It is important to note, that the promenade is a few blocks from the actual beach, so a cover up and sandy feet might not be the look you want to go for here, just saying!! As a beachonista I have visited many beach towns and I have to say, they all do have their own style. You may recall my visits to Venice where it is a very laid back, let it all hang out kind of place. I dig it, and then there's Laguna where the style is a little artsy/rich hippie. I think style is very personal but it is also nice to know what to expect when you visit a new place. While I was in St. John, it was interesting to learn that the St.Johnians are a bit more formal and don't like it when tourists show up to dinner or shops in a bikini top and shorts. I really appreciated this information because I want to be respectful and appropriate. I know, you should dress how you feel and all of that good stuff, but it's never fun to feel out of place. Anyway, as you might have figured, I am also a part time fashionista, so these are just my guidelines and may not apply to all.
Check out this couple, mainly the lady, very chic, easy, beachy, and effortless.
While I watched the street performers on the promenade I was struck by this gentleman. Love his personal style and that quicksilver bag, makes him a beachonista at heart :)
These ladies were quite fancy yet surprisingly casual. Yes, Chanel is casual in Cali, kinda... haha! (now don't worry jeans and a tee are cool too, so are shorts etc. these are just some of the cool folks I spotted that day!)
You know I am a sucker for shoes and these ladies did not disappoint. I adore the gold glitter TOMS, the sandals along with those grey patent flats : J'adore!


AndreaLeigh said...

Toms and LV. Can't beat that combination!

cellulite cream review said...

I love the picture of the three ladies... and of course, I love the grey patent flats. I'm a great fan of flats and I feel like drooling every time I see a cute pair. :)

Ms. Givens said...

Love gray, love flats!

Beach House Living said...

Like those gray flats too! It's interesting how places have different fashion protocols isn't it?

Erin said...

What a fun post! It's so cool to hear about the different vibe of all the beaches. One day I will check them out!

LOVE that dude! He's way cool!

anita said...

love the well placed "bindi" eyes..contruction / design humor!

happy to see your having some fun travels :)

beachhouse etc. said...

my sister lives in laguna... it's very nice but the water is cold and not as pretty as the water here in South florida...but, anyhow it's great to check out other cities thanks for you love comments xoxoxsuzanne

Joyce said...

A very fashionable post. Love the last photo. Have fun!! xo

simpledaisy said...

Style really is a personal thing, isn't it!!
You know I am not very trendy but I like to think that I do have a little bit of style!!
Classic and simple....that's how I roll:)
Enjoy your weekend!