Hello! I see you! Just kidding, but I do want to say hi to all of my new followers and of course to all of my old friends as well. I am so thrilled to have you all on board. Well, today we are still in Santa Monica but I thought I would share with you some of the fashion I spotted while walking down the promenade. It is important to note, that the promenade is a few blocks from the actual beach, so a cover up and sandy feet might not be the look you want to go for here, just saying!! As a beachonista I have visited many beach towns and I have to say, they all do have their own style. You may recall my visits to Venice where it is a very laid back, let it all hang out kind of place. I dig it, and then there's Laguna where the style is a little artsy/rich hippie. I think style is very personal but it is also nice to know what to expect when you visit a new place. While I was in St. John, it was interesting to learn that the St.Johnians are a bit more formal and don't like it when tourists show up to dinner or shops in a bikini top and shorts. I really appreciated this information because I want to be respectful and appropriate. I know, you should dress how you feel and all of that good stuff, but it's never fun to feel out of place. Anyway, as you might have figured, I am also a part time fashionista, so these are just my guidelines and may not apply to all.
Check out this couple, mainly the lady, very chic, easy, beachy, and effortless.
While I watched the street performers on the promenade I was struck by this gentleman. Love his personal style and that quicksilver bag, makes him a beachonista at heart :)
These ladies were quite fancy yet surprisingly casual. Yes, Chanel is casual in Cali, kinda... haha! (now don't worry jeans and a tee are cool too, so are shorts etc. these are just some of the cool folks I spotted that day!)
You know I am a sucker for shoes and these ladies did not disappoint. I adore the gold glitter TOMS, the sandals along with those grey patent flats : J'adore!