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Fresh Fridays from Santa Monica

Aren't these gorgeous??? I love artichokes and I am hoping to steam some of these soon and enjoy them chez moi. Last Saturday I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica and it was delightful. So many beauties.
onions that won't make you cry because they are beautiful!!I am not big on olives but these looked pretty and were stuffed with all sort of yummies.
No farmer's market is complete without some flowers. There were so many wonderful vendors it was a feast for the eyes. I encourage you to visit your local farmer's market it is a fun shopping experience and way more fun than going to the regular market. Once I buy my veggies, it encourages me to eat healthy all week, can't let fresh food go to waste, now can we?
Have a fantastic weekend!

Oh, one more thing check out this fabulous post on food and style from drollgirl. you will love it. Click here.


Maya said...

Hard to believe..., I have not yet cooked with artichokes!

Happy Weekend!!

Rachel said...

Those artichokes look gorgeous. I can't wait to go to market night when I'm back in Redlands!

Beach House Living said...

I do something wrong where artichokes are concerned. A local restaurant does them perfectly fine however!

Ms. Givens said...

Oh, the olives look yummy.

Beach Combing... said...

Happy Friday! We've been trying something new - grilled artichokes. Very very good! Steam, then cut in half, take out all of the spiky stuff, pour on a little olive oil (I splurged last time and used white truffle oil), a little sea salt and seasonings - pop on the grill for grill marks and voila'!

simpledaisy said...

I have never cooked artichokes before!! Maybe I should give them a whirl!!
Love the farmers market photos!! Just fabulous:)

drollgirl said...

i LOVE artichokes!!! they are so delicious!

and your farmer's market shots are lovely and making me hongry!

thanks so much for the sweet workds and for linking to me, and i hope you have a great weekend!!!

Sarah B. said...

mmm I love artichokes! I had one yesterday :)

Shellbelle said...

The Farmer's Markets in California are amazing! The same vendors in Santa Monica are in Hollywood on Sundays and I was there every week. Did you see the people who make the tamales? All different kinds with choice of sauces. You can eat them there or take them home to freeze for later. Amazing!

Also, have you been to the Farmer's Market in San Luis Obisbo on Thursday nights? Produce vendors, live music AND a bunch of BBQ booths. They compete with each other and the lines are loooonnngggg, but so worth it! It's like a party, grab your BBQ, sit on the curb and have fun!

Cloudia said...

How nice!


Rose West said...

Farmer's markets are the greatest, aren't they? The flowers they sell here are so different from those on the mainland - very big and boisterous, I must say! But I love how local style comes out in the farmer's markets of different places.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

What a fabulous and full of color farmers market!! Yum!

Cheryl said...

I love farmer's Markets!