Good morning! How was your weekend? I had a fabulous weekend and got a lot of things done! After giving my last final on Saturday morning B and I headed to Palm Desert to adopt a new friend. Can you see the little bit of snow in the mountains back there? I love this view and I think I have photographed it a million times, but I just can't ever get enough.
No, not another furry friend, we came to get "Phil" B's new mountain bike. After months of searching and hearing about all the different kinds of "components" etc, we finally found his bike @ Velo Bum in Rancho Mirage! It is a Felt Mountain Bike, I don't know much about bikes, when I chose mine, I was more interested in the color and cuteness factor. Thank goodness, B knows his stuff!
After we got Phil we headed to our favorite Tapas Bar in Palm Spring: AZUL I love coming here because they have a great patio lounge and tasty tapas. We love fried calamari, no pic because we inhaled it! Palm Springs has such a friendly community, you can't find this vibe everywhere, that's why we love it here so much. This gentleman above is one of the many nice folks here, I loved his style.I usually don't want weekends to end, this one was particularly fun. But now, I can't wait for our next adventure. What are you excited about this week?