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Friends and litte 411 about me

Hello dear readers, school is out but I have been busy taking care of all the other things that take a back seat during the school year. I am so excited to get back to blogging full time. Especially because it has been such a great creative outlet and great way to meet new friends. I have been mostly surfing the blogosphere this week when I came across a lovely award from my new beachy friend :  Sally Lee from the Sea

Well I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself, so here goes:
1. I was born in El Salvador but moved to Los Angeles when I was six years old due to the civil war.
2. I was an avid reader as a kid, loved Beezus and Ramona, anything Beverly Cleary
3. I don't like to drive. I am ok on the street but really scared of the freeway.
4. I love reality TV, Amazing Race, Survivor, all the Housewives! I wish I had some people my age to share this with but I work with very smart academics who shun TV! I know...
5. I have always loved everything Hollywood ( my first apt in the US w/ my family was in Hollywood) and I wanted to work as an entertainment reporter.
6. I have a BA in Political Science and an MA in Latin American and Iberian Studies (Spanish, French, Portuguese). I fell in love with foreign languages when I learned English and worked as an interpreter for my parents. Then in 7th grade I fell in LOVE with French. Learning and speaking French is one of the things I am most proud of.
7. I would like sealaura to be my full time job (seriously) so basically I am still trying to find my calling!! I am waiting for that voice to tell me "You're supposed to do .... and this is how you do it"

I have never been to France and it is my life long dream

9. I love fashion and each day is a process of what outfit and accessories to wear. I even accessorize during the summer when it is me and the boys (norm and newman) at home. Bizarre I know...

10. I am a terrible singer but I make up silly songs about anything and everything and sing every day, and... B does it too!!! We have a few songs in our repertoire.

Now what about you? Do you have any honest/crazy things to share about yourself?


Cheryl said...

You are quite an interesting gal Laura :) And you can talk about the Housewives with me any time! I can't believe it but I missed New Jersey the other night!! I won't forget New York tonight though...

La Dolfina said...

It's so great to learn a little bit about you :)
Loved your list!

AndreaLeigh said...

i love the amazing race! who are you rooting for?

i love to sing as well. i spend all day making up songs for cooper. fun!

Ms. Givens said...

I loved Beverly Cleary also. Amazing Race is my favorite show. Go Cowboys.

Maya said...

Wow, political science... I have just began to watch the news(less than a year ago), enjoying political discussions on CNN -Campbell Brown and on HBO Bill Maher.

Oh, and how I dislike driving on highways!!! I have a memory from way back, driving on LA's highway at age 20, I don't know how I survived that, haha. My then boyfriend was sleeping on the passenger seat (how brave!) while I was trying to cut through lanes (like 8 or so!!), "hoping" to exit. I guess I was less scared then, hmmmm.

I think I said this before, but you're a very creative writer..., your dream must come true!

Style Odyssey said...

You're a very interesting person, "sealaura". I really enjoyed reading these.
I'm glad we're blog friends!
I haven't been to France either (and I don't speak French, alas). It's also my dream to go there.
You will find your calling! You will. Maybe somehow you can combine travel, languages, love of the beach, writing....Travel writer?

Taylor said...

How fascinating you were born in El Salvador! I did not know that about you...

I love fashion and accessorizing, too. Life is too short to not dress up!

I think everything about your education is superb and SO interesting! Being a profesor doesn't look easy, but I would love to do that. Perhaps you could do some work in France!

tagskie said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi! http://www.arts-and-entertainment.info

drollgirl said...

well it is so nice to learn more about you!

and i LOVED beezus and ramona books!!!

and i hope you get to france soon. maybe for your next big birthday?!

Cloudia said...

so glad to have you for an amiga!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

You are simply Amazing!

I also love Survivor and Amazing Race...even though don't watch much TV otherwise.

I'm very envious of your language skills...took Spanish for 3 years and can't speak a word of it.

Your dream is fantastic, just keep imagining it happen...and make sure to listen to whispers and pay attention to gentle nudges as sometimes things aren't clearly spoken or shown as to our direction in life.


Sally Lee by the Sea

Beach House Living said...

Wow, three languages. I like to read a lot too. Why not pick a daily outfit even when home? I should try that.

anita said...

the cutest thing i learned about you was the silly song thing..

and laura, any time girl..housewives is my guilty pleasure.

and france is a worthy goal, you will love it laura. i have been several times and i definately want to go again. woot woot for learning the language!